Work package 8: Dissemination


T8.1:  HPD dissemination to end users and heat pump/dryer manufacturers (and Research Partners)
Each research partner will be responsible for identifying a number of dissemination contacts associated with their respective institution to spread the results of the HP4Drying activities and results. Steering and User Committee meetings should take place at least once every 6 months.
In case new SME’s show interest in HP4Drying during the project, they should be allowed to join the User Committee under the defined conditions. Both heat pump/dryer manufacturers, end users and consultants are able to take part in the User Committee.
T8.2:  HPD dissemination to/for Research Partners
Research Partner meetings to discuss the project progress, User Committee feed back, work packages tasks and results, occurring problems, feedback and (expert) opinions.
T8.3:  HPD dissemination to the broad industrial/research public
A central website should be made to provide general information of the project results, a list of useful contacts, literature references, industrial applications and to announce related events. A seminar to propose and discuss results will be organized.
T8.4:  HPD dissemination to academic researchers
Dissemination to academic researchers will be executed by some of the research partners through publication in scientific journals or branch-specific journals, as well as participation/organisation of seminars or conferences.
T8.5:  HPD dissemination to (industrial) digestate dryers
The pilot HPD unit for digestate drying, which will be located at PFI (Pirmasens, Germany) is to be used as a proof of concept for industry, and can also be useful for experiments on demand of end users.
T8.5:  HPD dissemination in education
UGent - TEI will integrate the lab scale HPD into the educational program, enabling students to understand the working principle of a heat pump dryer.

Dissemination activities

- 22/05/2014: International Symposium "From Waste to Process Heat" , partially directed to HP4Drying, was held in UGent Campus Kortrijk, Belgium. link
- 22/05/2014: The WKI User Group meeting during the UGent symposium in Kortrijk, as most of the WKI members were present.
- 09/07/2014: The 1st ATB User Group meeting was held in Potsdam, Germany. (link)
- The HP4Drying project is presented on the PFI Biotechnology website. (link)
- 19/08/2014: “Presentation of the HP4Drying Project” on the PFI Workshop “Experiences with heat pumps in CHPs” (link)
- 10/09/2014: Presentation “Heat reintegration and drying optimization with industrial heat pumps” was presented at a high rated Heat Pump Seminar in Belgium.
- 02/10/2014: The 2nd Flemish User Group meeting was held in UGent Campus Kortrijk, Belgium. (link)
- 07/11/ 2014: Presentation “Einsatz von Wärmepumpen beim Trocknen” was presented at Texcare Forum in Frankfurt, Germany. (link)
- 04/12/2014: Presentation “Heat integration and drying optimization with industrial heat pumps” on the Papiertechnische Stiftung (PTS) Seminar “Energieeffizienz und Produktivität steigern beim Entwässern, Pressen und Trocknen", Munich, Germany. (link)
- 10/03/2014: The 3rd Flemish User Group meeting was held in UGent Campus Kortrijk. (link)
- Planned on 19-21/05/2015: Presentations “Heat pump assisted drying announces huge energy savings - a chance for laundry application?” and "Energetic and environmental optimization of drying processes by integration of heat pumps" at the 47th International Detergency Conference, Düsseldorf, Germany. (link)
- Planned on 17-19/06/2015: Two abstracts about a case study of heat pump integration and about the development of a heat pump dryer test bench with simulation of various drying processes have been submitted and accepted to the first Nordic Baltic Drying Conference, Gdańsk, Poland. The full papers have been being prepared. (link)
- Planned to public at least 1 Dutch language publicaiton in a Technical magazine.