Work package 5: Environmental aspects


T5.1: To summarize commonly encountered environmental aspects for HPDs, based on both literature, conventional drying systems. (Re)use or treatment of condensate from HPD and Drying air sinks/sources are expected to be important 
T5.2: To summarize branch-specific environmental aspects of HPD, pointing out specifications for different products frequently dried in each branch sector.
T5.3: To quantify the impact of realized energy savings on the environment (reduction of CO2- and other emissions linked to the combustion of fuels).
Roughly, most environmental aspects of HPD are expected to be of importance in the condensate stream (as a new side-product) and the drying medium stream, which will be air in most cases, but in some cases inert gases like N2 or CO2. The properties of these streams should be determined (either from literature or from industrial applications), and will be highly dependent on the concerned branch (product-related).