Work package 3: Process integration & control HPD


T3.1: To carry out computer simulations of HPD with real working parameters to study the interaction of the dryer with an integrated HP and the energy-saving potential.
T3.2: To study the performance enhancement  (by simulations) by using advanced heat pump concepts to find out  which performances are reachable with current available and in the near future expected HPs
T3.3: To determine the range of desired working parameter variations of a HP to follow working conditions of a drying process with the objective of increasing the performances (COP) and energy saving.
T3.4: To perform computer simulations of (partially) closed drying cycles and to investigate the possibility to realize this on existing dryers. To study the needed dehumidification of the dryer exhaust in relation to the reuse of the outgoing air, in order to realize a (partially) closed cycle dryer.
T3.5: To design dehumidification systems with recuperation of condensation heat
T3.6: To study and design needed control strategies to adapt the operation of an advanced heat pump to the varying parameters of the drying process.